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IDG Design & Engineering Ltd.was founded in 2000 by Tommy Ng & Michael Wong, interior and landscape designer who together have throughout their career made landscape interior impact in contemporary design. The company has become a well-received in hospitality,F&B, commercial andresidential properties.

Headquartered in the multicultural of Hong Kong, IDG team continues to present with innovative concepts and visuals, incorporating elements from different cultural spheres.The company offers a vast multi-disciplinary portfolio, fromthe efficiency workplace to finest restaurants and retail spaces. Whether it is the welcoming flair of a hotel lobby, the fine details of a designer chair, a resort in the south of Taiwan, or a villa house in Guangdong, a Macau heritage building or a Hong Kong development: every design project is a unique cultural journey through light, form, and space.

IDG team’s work aims to reflect the essence of brands from every part of the spaces, often interpreting them in entirely new looks but in original vision.





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Room 6, 3 Floor, Block A,
Fuk Keung Industrial Building
66–68 Tong Mi Road, Prince Edward,
Kowloon, Hong Kong